Balion Agrofoods Pvt. Ltd.
Balion Agrofoods Pvt. Ltd.



Balion Greens, our associate company, offers professional management of existing coconut farms. Balion Greens follows stringent practices to secure the relevant certifications that ensure that we meet the highest standards in farming and food safety aspects.

The organic farming techniques of Balion Greens are defined through employment of the ancient, natural farming protocol. Healthy soil microbes are collected from the vicinity; those microbes form a starter culture for a host of concoctions such as organic foliar fertilizers, insecticides and soil treatment. The productivity of the farm is enhanced by the microorganisms and beneficial fungi. Microorganisms are territorial; they do not tolerate the invasion of other, potentially damaging bacteria and fungi. This helps in controlling pests and diseases organically, without using potentially harmful chemical inputs.

Balion Greens is responding to one of the main structural challenges in the coconut sector - both farmers and trees are ageing. As farm sizes get fractionalised with each generation, there is an urgent need to modernize coconut farming for the benefit of the landowners, the farmers and the global food industry. We adopt and reinvigorate intrinsically healthy and well supported farms and integrate farming, processing and logistics. This increases our control of the value chain, enhances our customers’ procurement journey, lifts the economic yield of the farms and improves the livelihood and prospects of the local community. The next generation is given a viable option to remain involved in coconut farming instead of abandoning the farm for opportunities elsewhere.


We harvest pure energy from the sun in the form of coconut sap. Tapping the coconut flower sap is nothing new; it has been practiced at the small farmer level for centuries.

Balion is employing substantial resources into innovation, working together with design companies globally to bring better harvest solutions to the farm. Through incremental changes in the traditional methods of harvesting the coconut flower, Balion is seeing tremendous improvement in the profitability of each coconut palm. Balion offers guidance, tools and improved tapping techniques to help farmers increase their income.

Harvesting a coconut flower is an everyday activity, and we tap our flowers multiple times a day. We train our tappers, with a strong emphasis on innovation, as we constantly learn and evolve. Tapping is a crucial point in our journey from soil-to-shelf. Doing it correctly ensures the food-grade quality and high yields. By slicing a thin layer off the flower, we open it up for tapping and the sap then drips into a collection vessel. After collecting the filled containers, we stabilize the sap, in-field, to restrict fermentation. Tappers then test the sap for different parameters and send it to the factory through our delivery system.

By employing Balion’s harvesting methodology, farmers see their profitability, per liter of sap, multiply.




Balion's factory in Kudal is tasked with processing all our 'Made in India' products, using the coconut sap harvested from our local farms. In the factory, best practises are adopted and pursued, to make sure that our products are of the superior quality that our customers deserve.

The raw coconut sap is processed using state-of-the-art equipment specifically designed for our processes. Balion’s factory has the capacity to process upto 10,000 liters of fresh sap daily.

The factory is designed to manufacture a variety of sap-based products. The factory has a moden and flexible layout to support future expansion. With tailor-made equipment, moden technologies and innovative methods, the coconut sap is transformed into wonderful foods, at a high level of quality and efficiency.

Our products are also sourced from partner companies in Thailand ands the Philippines whose factories are equally commited to hygiene standards and use state of the art technology in processing the wonderful products that we offer to the Indian consumers.

Our overriding focus is on adherence to international food safety standards and good manufacturing practises and procedures. Towards this, we employ severeal unique and industry standard best practises as also specialised equipment.